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17 Oct

Simmons then dedicated her time to attempting to reopen the portal, determined to bring back Daniels. When Coulson ordered her not to share her research with anyone, Simmons yelled at him for not realizing how important this drug was. When Victoria Hand's agents found them, they passed her test of loyalty to S. She vouched for Triplett's loyalty and place on the team. When Agent Eric Koenig asked Simmons why she was there during her Lie Detector test, Simmons said she did not know.

With the only sample of the drug used and the Guest House destroyed, Simmons worked tirelessly to try to find a way to reproduce it. Simmons found herself locked in a room with Triplett, but he quelled her fears by giving her his pocket knife. Coulson ordered an evacuation in order to stay ahead of Colonel Glenn Talbot. Simmons performed first aid on his wounds and Ward claimed that the Fridge was overrun by HYDRA and he had killed John Garrett in the fight.

She, along with Fitz were recruited to Coulson's Team and worked with them on all of their missions. They were ordered by Sunil Bakshi to attend a meeting that Daniel Whitehall was having with his top scientists, including Dr. Lingenfelter attempted to duplicate the effects of the Obelisk from skin samples of one of its victims, a waitress, but the experiment at the wedding of Pete and Mariah Leitner did not meet Whitehall's expectations. Later, when Simmons exited the restroom, all eyes were on her; Raina had sent a file transfer blowing her cover. Skye asked her how she knew that; Simmons was stationed to watch Ward before she went undercover.

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However, Simmons was discovered by agent Sitwell and tried to lie her way past him. During the speech one student named Donnie Gill was frozen in ice and nearly killed in a similar attack. Alphonso Mackenzie assisted Fitz, and when Simmons returned, they told her that the Splinter Bombs were created by Vincent Beckers. She could not handle the conversation and left Fitz to his work. Simmons investigated the existing of another dimension and helped S. They learned that Ford was trapped between worlds as a ghostly figure and was attacking anyone who got near the girl he loved Hannah Hutchins. When Coulson's Team went after Ian Quinn by tracking the Cybertek Prosthetic Leg he bought, Simmons acted as Coulson's daughter in order to distract the carrier of the package to put tracking dust on him. Although she did not trust him, he appointed Simmons as his advisor in science and technology, which led to her becoming one of the superiors in the organization. Simmons then discovered that the Stati Corp explosion actually ripped a portal between worlds and that the "demon" that the team was investigating was Tobias Ford. They were greeted by Anne Weaver and asked to give the students a speech about their own experiences working for S. Simmons decided that since she could not lie well, she would learn to act.