Is george clooney dating someone new Mobi in sex

04 Oct

Sofia Vergara: There’s never been proof that any of Clooney’s beauties possess a smidgeon of personality. Also, she’s got an eighteen-year-old son, and isn’t it about time George Clooney had someone to play catch with?

They look great on the back of his motorcycle or on the red carpet, can they match his razor sharp wit? Diora Baird: This American model is more top-heavy than George is used too, and she’ll have to do something about that dirty blonde hair, but she’s posed for the holy trifecta (, Stuff, FHM) like Clooney exes have been known to do, and her bit part in last year’s Star Trek was cut from the final product, so you know she ain’t blowing up any time soon. Izabel Goulart: This former Victoria’s Secret Angel and runway model appeared numerous times on Conan O’Brien’s old show, where she proceeded to charm him, effortlessly.

Also, as far as we know, Clooney has yet to date a Brazilian, so he’d better get that over with now before it ends up on his bucket list.

In 2009, Italian model/total babe Elisabetta Canalis is spotted on the back of George Clooney’s motorcycle.

(For the record, the women on this list don’t need Celebritology’s help either.

But this is all a game of fantasy, so just play along.) All of them possess glamour, a sense of humor and/or an “it” factor that would make them irresistible Clooney partners, at least from a celebrity- watching perspective. But even within this hypothetical realm, married women are ruled out.

They must be brunette, inhumanly beautiful, and significantly less famous than him.

Following those three rules, here are five potential women who could one day have their heart broken by George Clooney.