Is he dating other girls

04 Mar

These changes don’t validate that you no longer have your guy’s undivided attention, but they should get your attention.It’s normal for you and your boyfriend to occasionally disagree, but if your arguments increase in frequency and intensity, this may signal more than just differences in opinion, says family counselor M.Gary Neuman in his book “The Truth About Cheating.” Perhaps tranquility usually exists between you, but your boyfriend finds reasons to disagree and fuels arguments that end only after he leaves.Disparaging remarks and random criticism designed to spark controversy are red flags that your boyfriend’s allegiance may be divided.

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If that’s the case the second red flag that he’s seeing another woman is…

Regardless of their skilled multitasking expertise, guys who cheat experience difficulty maintaining equilibrium in every area of their life.

Your boyfriend may experience difficulty juggling more than one love interest.

Pay attention to his body language, noting whether the behavior differs from how your boyfriend normally responds, recommends counselor Elly Prior in the article “Signs of Infidelity" on her website

For example, if your guy appears eager to look at everything in the room except you, and he normally makes eye contact, avoiding that eye contact with you may be a sign of emotional discomfort. Concealing his hands or using his hands to cover his mouth may signal your boyfriend’s guilt.