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He offers to turn her into a vampire, but she declines while hiding the actual reason why she did not leave Montreal with him.

Later that night, saving the house and Sally from a fire set by Danny, Aidan is almost staked at the heart by Bishop crashes through their living room window.

As his first task for Suren, Aiden is told to turn Cecilia, a cop she has met, to serve as their new police liaison.

Aidan refuses, knowing he will bleed Cecilia dry, and ends up at a bar where he meets Julia, a new doctor hired by Suffolk County Hospital, and begins an intimate relationship with her.

After Heggeman crowns him as the new head of the Boston vampires, Aiden learns that Mother wants to meet with him over the matter of Bishop's orphaned vampires.

When Aidan suggests the orphans can be reformed, Mother decides that the orphans should all be culled and that Aidan will not lead Boston, but instead assist her daughter Suren in taking over with his freedom from vampire society as a reward.

Aidan begins using donated blood to satisfy his blood lusts while with Julia to keep her safe.

However, when it is revealed that Julia is the same Julia who was Josh's ex-fiancé, and when the hospital puts higher security on the blood supply, Aidan breaks up with her.

Aidan manages to de-fang the chaplain, rendering him unable to feed on blood any more.After taking revenge on the clergyman, Aidan became Bishop's right hand and aided him until the 1950s when he no longer believes in Bishop's conviction to the vampire cause and decides to resist the urge to feed upon humans.While in Montreal in the 1970s, Aiden meets Celine and had a relationship with her.In the time before the beginning of the series, originally out of pity, Aidan saves Josh from being tormented by Marcus and before the two became good friends with Aidan getting Josh a job as an orderly at Boston's Suffolk County Hospital, where Aidan has been working as a nurse.The two later become room mates with a mutual intent to fit back into society.