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25 Apr

Waters, Tutu and the others have reached out to you in response to a request for solidarity from Palestinians.The call for cultural boycott to end grave Israeli violations of human rights has overwhelming support among Palestinians.(a news outlet about Palestine, Israel & the United States), was signed by a number of Israel musicians, who said that the boycott of Israel meant that the country's government couldn't continue with its "business as usual" facade, in the face of human rights violations in Palestine.The full letter reads: Dear Thom Yorke, We are Israeli musicians writing you about your scheduled performance in Israel this July 19.The band lay their cards on the table as they talk about recent adventures, excursions in the States, and “killing each other to get the songs right”.Read More Having straddled both sides of the Atlantic for nearly a decade, Irish singer-songwriter SORCHA RICHARDSON is back in Dublin for an extended stay.International performances in Israel serve the government’s agenda of whitewashing its war crimes against Palestinians by creating a “business as usual” atmosphere wherein the status-quo, a reality of colonization and military occupation for Palestinians, becomes normalized.Maintaining this atmosphere relies heavily on creating a facade of Israel as a hip, advanced, progressive state with a vibrant and diverse cultural scene.

He talks about embracing the classics, his first embarrassing foray into music, and why the digital radio revolution is just beginning in Ireland.

This ties in with Pillar 3 of the Creative Ireland programme on investing in our creative and cultural infrastructure.

Read More As part of their first headlining Irish and UK tour in seven years, Flight Of The Conchords are bringing their ingeniously named …

We would like to respond directly to a comment you made in Rolling Stone.

Referring to Roger Waters, Desmond Tutu and the many other artists and public figures who’ve urged you to respect the call for cultural boycott, you said that you “just can’t understand why going to play a rock show or going to lecture at a university [is a problem to them].” We have great respect for Roger Waters and Desmond Tutu, but their problems are not the point, as they would surely be the first to concede.