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08 Jul

I can't help but laugh when I hear this song, I can just see it all happening in my head as Ronnie sings.

He was so wonderful at writing songs from his and his bandmates experiences, and he never wrote a thing down.donna, unless you saw them like in 1975, then all you saw at your concert was a bunch of replacement members, i love the real lynyrd skynyrd, but there decendents trying to keep the band going, not good. 17 in the Jacksonville, Florida neighborhood where many of the band members grew up.

For the story straight from the guy that was there, go here: possibility of ever knowing the exact meaning or inferences in this song is slim...asking the band is not really a viable option, since Rossington is the only original band member, and he and Ronnie were not always on the best of terms...educated guesses are probably as close as anyone will ever get. Her stage name was Linda Lou, and it was a nod to her as well.

One thing is certain, Ronnie was a gifted musician! Lettie Mae Wren was her "real" name for those wondering. Most of the end lines in Gimme Three Steps were probably chosen for their rhyming effect. The use of the name Linda Lou puzzled me, so in 2003, I went back to Jax and tried to retrace some of our steps. There was an old car that was going to be given away some time that summer.

I'm almost certain our last date began at 2517 Edison Ave. My parents sent me to a boarding school in Georgia earlier that year. When I came home for summer vacation, my older brother told me where Ronnie was singing. It was parked on a trailer in front of the building.

He then lived in Riverside, then lived in the Colonial apts off blanding blvd, he lived in Confederate point apts further down blanding.

Nobody would be going back Northwest to Edison ave dives to hang out in the 70's.

He was hanging around the "still" on San Juan ave (again off blanding blvd), and the TRUE PAST TIME which is pictured on the LS website.

It was torn down at least 5-7 years ago and I believe it is still a vacant lot. West Tavern is the former name of The Pastime Tavern and this is the location where the incident occurred.

That's my two cents from a long time Westsider, look at the picture on the website, because it doesn't exist any longer. The Jug was used in the song simply to rhyme with rug and other than where they would occassionally buy booze, it nothing to do with Ronnie's close call.