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25 Jun

Her microbiology career paralleled her infectious diseases consultative practice and as both Departments grew, her responsibilities and contributions grew proportionately. Charache first arrived, the Microbiology Laboratory was part of the Department of Medicine and she served as the Medical Director from 1967-1970.

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Cellie will be turning over the TMA production capabilities to Andre Robinson, who has quickly obtained mastery of the specialized technique. She is conscientious, reliable, honest, motivated and kind. She is always willing to do the hard projects and get them done right.

She persevered in a male-dominated work environment taking jobs that were perceived as beneath the male faculty.

No obstacle was insurmountable and she was a catalyst for change.

Everyone who has made a tissue microarray (TMA) over the past 15 years knows Cellie and her work well.

Cellie has personally generated over 1,000 TMAs for a variety of researchers that have resulted in hundreds of publications and significant scientific advances.