Lauren graham and scott patterson dating

25 Feb

At this point, "Gilmore Girls" fans are counting down the days until the beloved series hits Netflix.Sadly, we still have half the month of September left.When Rory's (Bledel) bad boy boyfriend ran away to L. Luckily, there was a Jess spinoff in the works based on the 2003 episode "Here Comes The Son," which served as a backdoor pilot.Unfortunately, The WB wasn't willing to spend the money on the show -- titled "The Windward Circle" --- which was supposed to be set in Venice, California.Those two are so prolific that I'm sure they could turn something ... You have to have the time and you have to have the interest. “Nine Lives of Chloe King” premieres Tuesday night on ABC Family, and one of its stars, Amy Pietz, has done plenty of press about how much she loves her new gig.

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I think Netflix is throwing a lot of assets behind this. You mentioned to Entertainment Tonight that when you first came on the set, you were telling Amy Sherman-Palladino that you thought you'd pick up Luke instantly, but, you hadn't really reconnected with him at first. I wasn't really feeling like him, nine hears hence. I thought it did, but once I got on set I started feeling a little, I don't know, it wasn't fear, it wasn't trepidation, it was just something is not clicking here for me.

[I made it while] fighting for my life in a relationship or ten years ago or twenty years ago. It was not difficult to hook into that life experience.

I've made that speech before, and there it was manifested before my eyes beautifully. How surreal is it to get on a set with people like Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia and some of the folks that were pretty young when you started working with them, and now here they are, Milo is mid-30s, all pumped up, a much bigger guy than he used to be, Alexis is a mom? People just become more of what they already are and that was true in both their cases.

In fact, she says that playing mom to 16-year-old Chloe eased her transition when she recently became stepmother to a 16-year-old. It’s a very functioning, working set, and I think some of that is helped by us having a little bit of a life outside. And April Nardini was eaten by a shark and nobody missed her.

There’s another reason why she loves working on “Chloe King” so much… “I spot stars a mile away and stay away from projects that have horrible people involved. But I’m here an average of 50 hours a week, so there isn’t a lot of socializing for any of us.” Patterson was most recently seen in “The Event” and as Liam’s shady dad on “90210.” We’ll just be over here, pretending that Stars Hollow is real and that Luke and Lorelai have 1.5 kids and a bunch of little puppy Paul Ankas by now.