Martina navratilova dating 2016

08 Sep

The next year saw her visit the United States of America for the first time, and she was instantly grabbed by the consumer culture and especially the food.

61 of those came in finals, 14 of which were grand slam finals.

This was quite the championships for people born in Czechoslovakia that would go on to represent the United States, as Ivan Lendl also won the mens singles title.

Who did Navratilova defeat in the final to pick up her first grand slam singles title? In doing so, Martina also replaced Evert at the top of the women’s rankings.

The WTA Rankings were introduced in November 1975, and for the next 12 years one of the two were at the top of the ranking for all but 23 weeks of that. The 1980s were the decade of Martina Navratilova, to put it lightly.

Granted US citizenship in 1981, she would reach nine consecutive Wimbledon ladies singles finals (1982-1990), go on winning streaks that are quite frankly unbelievable (74 matches in singles, 109 in doubles) and won everything there was to win in the game.