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29 Jul

Based on this, Mutual Attraction writes up their profile and presents it to dates who they think would be a good match.

If two people like the look of each other’s profiles, they’re sent on a date.

New Jersey’s Matchmaker is a traditional matchmaking service designed for commitment-minded singles.

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It’s important to date someone who shares those interests and is more interested in long walks than being surrounded by the most fashionable shops and parties.a) Hard working banker b) Someone who owns their own business c) Theatre set designer d) Sports marketing manager What’s your drink?a) Champagne b) Ale c) Home-brewed beer d) Ginger juice Mostly As: You work hard, have a high-powered job and want someone who can keep pace with your ambitions.You should date someone who’s determined, intelligent and work-focused.A partner’s unpredictable work schedule isn’t a problem for you – as long as you can enjoy the fruits of your success together.