Matt evers and suzanne shaw dating

18 Nov

I speak to those two the most, and occasionally Danny [Foster]. We haven't been friends for a while." So you haven't spoken to her regards the reports about her and Dan Hooper?"I've seen things about it, but not read much about it, but then again I don't really know what her life is about." Singer, actress and mum-of-one Suzanne Shaw is encouraging people to swap their standard white bread for Kingsmill's new Great White loaf- a soft and tasty white bread, with as much fibre as wholemeal. With his partner Heather Allebach, Evers won the Junior pairs title at the 1998 U. He quit competing and moved to Los Angeles where he worked for a number of years before receiving an invitation to join Dancing on Ice.

The former pop singer has just come off the Dancing On Ice tour where she's been wowing crowds every night with her skating prowess and is now getting ready to tread the boards in a new play."With everything that comes up you can never say never.Maybe a few years down the line I might get a phone call saying we would like to bring your character back, so it's open." Any chance we could see you in Strictly Come Dancing? Yes it is a brilliant show but I've done the DOI side of things and it's such a close similar competition that I wouldn't be in their category of people to take on, and I don't know if my body could keep up with it as I have so many injuries!"Even with Myleene, we call each other and when we do it is an hour's conversation but we may not speak for two months just because you're busy. I don't speak to everyone off Emmerdale or Dancing On Ice that I worked with in the first season – life moves on." You're looking great at the minute. However I've got my puppy and my son who keep me on my feet, running around." Are you a fan of diets?"One of the things I'm not a fan of is fad diets – things like juicing or Atkins – you make yourself go through these weeks on end to lose the pounds, but you can't keep that lifestyle up, so you're just going to put the pounds back on.