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18 Jun

Deutschland arrived in Spain and briefly anchored at San Sebastian.Due to heavy swells Deutschland soon prefered to cruise up and down offshore at a few knots, as this was found more comfortable.The leaking aviation spirit caught fire in the area of the Senior NCOs' mess. The second bomb had a devastating effect, penetrating as far as the "tween" deck at Frame 116, the ensuing explosion and fire destroying the upper deck between Frames 94 and 145.A jet of flame ignited oil and spirits beyond an open bulkhead door at Frame 121 and this fire spread rapidly.

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After a proposal from the French government four nations (Britain, France, Germany and Italy) signed an treaty to maintain an international non-intervention control of allotted sectors of the Spanish coast. The German Kriegsmarine accepted responsibility for the Mediterranean coast between Cabo de Gata (Almeria) and Oropesa.By then Germany had withdrawn from the international control following two submarine attacks on the light cruiser Leipzig off the Algerian port of Oran on 15 and 18 June.Deutschland called at the Italian port of Gaeta and spent the Christmas and New Year period at Napoli (Naples), with short excursions to Capri, Amalfi and Taormina accompanied by destroyers and torpedo-boats.Two 50 kg bombs struck Deutschland while the destroyers, initially closing the German Panzerschiff as if to torpedo, opened an inaccurate fire with their forward armament, the shells falling short.The first bomb hit the roof of Starboard III 15 cm gunhouse, splinters puncturing the fuel tank of the floatplane on the catapult.