Miley cyrus is dating a 20 year old underwear model

29 Jul

Washington, April 28 : Miley Cyrus has got back at gossip websites for criticizing celebrities and their lifestyle, calling them trash.The Hannah Montana actress, who has been the favourite topic of scrutiny for many gossip columns, slammed the tabloid press for trying to pin their idea of perfection in the celebrities they "target".She explained: "The most embarrassing thing to happen on set was when I busted my face.

As mentioned above, if you don't read, Miley started causing a bunch of drama on set later many of the pedos, whores, and faggots started to get pissed off, she was then fired because she kept asking for it.

Washington, Apr 29 : Hollywood actress Miley Cyrus' musician father Billy Ray has revealed that he trusts his daughter and is sure she'll always make the right decisions.

Ray, who plays Cyrus' on-screen father in the Disney series and movie about teen sensation Hannah Montana, revealed that although he spends too much time with his daughter, he remains a `laid back' father.

Hannah Montana is Miley's porn character in her former shitty show made popular by pedophiles and 12 year old girls.

The Hannah Montana character was Miley's role where she pretended to be blonde, sluttier, and therefore somewhat less repulsive.