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07 Oct

Fortunately, a friend of Jennifer’s saw the image and got in touch with Jennifer, who was horrified. People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing.”As it turns out, hackers had likely gained access to the girls’ wireless nanny cam when one of Jennifer’s daughters had gone online to play a game.

It’s better to do a little bit of prevention early on, rather than find out your home has been livestreamed later.

So how can you protect your children from hackers without having to do away with surveillance cameras?

If you’re looking at a web-based wireless camera in particular and find that it has known security vulnerabilities, skip it.

Even the Bucks tweeted the awkward moment during the second half. We just both saw it and we couldn't believe what was happening," Farrell said.

As the Kiss Cam panned to them, Connor began shaking his head and mouthing, "That's my mom." As for Connor's mom, she was shocked to see herself on the Jumbotron. She looked up and she was just, I've never seen her make that face before. Farrell said the 25-point comeback by the Bucks was already a memorable event.