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25 Sep

Buzz Feed publishes news and entertainment in the language of the web, and in our work we rely on a style guide to govern everything from hard-hitting journalism to fun quizzes.

We value consistency and accuracy across those formats and categories.

and n., all uses)Brussels sprouts BS, BS'd, BS'ing B side (n.); B-side (adj.)BTdubs bull dyke (n.); bull-dyke (adj.) — avoid, unless used in a direct quotebused, busing, buses (for forms of bus)butt-dial (all forms)buzzer beaterbyproductbytes (measure digital storage capacity) — abbreviate and cap kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, etc.

when used with a figure, with no space between the abbreviation and the figure (e.g., my i Phone is 64GB, a 128GB storage capacity) caj (for the abbreviation of casual)camel toe Cap'n Crunchcash me ousside, howbow dahcatfightcatfished (v., lowercase)CBGB (not CBGB's)cc'dceasefire (n.) celebricat (for a celebrity feline)celebridog (for a celebrity canine)cell phone (but smartphone)cesarean (i.e., C-section)champagne Chap Stickchatroom (one word)cheese: Consult MW, but here's a list of some commonly referenced cheeses: Asiago, Brie, cheddar, Comté, feta, fontina, Gruyère, Monterey Jack, mozzarella, Parmesan, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Romanocheckboxcheckmark (one word in all forms)child care (all forms)chile vs.

and v.; screenshot as past tense and past participle)screentimeseahorseseatbeltsemi-automatic service membersetlistal-Shabaab Sharia: Sharia is defined as Islamic law, and therefore Sharia law is unnecessary/redundant when discussing the general framework of Islamic religious law; the term Sharia law should be used to refer to a code of government-implemented criminal and civil laws that are claimed to be derived from Islamic teachings or a provision of such a code.

(for sports references)DIYDJ (n., v.), DJ'd, DJ'ing "don't ask, don't tell" (lowercase, in quotes, with a comma for the US military policy; in subsequent references, no quotes or abbreviate as DADT)dos and don'tsdouchebagdoughnut (but Dunkin' Donuts)down-low (also, on the DL)Down syndromedowntimedoxx (not dox)DREAMer (when referring to advocates and beneficiaries of the DREAM Act)drive-thru (n.)Dr.: Do not use the term Dr.

to refer to nonmedical doctors who hold a doctoratedrunk driving (n.), drunk-driving (adj., v.); preferred to drunken drivingdrunk-text (hyphenate as a compound verb)Duck, Duck, Gooseduckfacedude-brodumbass (n.)dumpster du-rag e-book, e-cigarette, e-commerce Earth (capped only when referring explicitly to the planet; The biggest on Earth but a down-to-earth guy)e Bay[editor's note:] (for editor's notes in running text; cap [Editor's note:] if it starts a sentence or is its own sentence)Ecstasy (cap E for the drug)editor-in-chief electropopemailemoji (singular, and as a collective language unit), emojis (plural) ever closer (no hyphen)Exxon Mobileyeingeyerolleyeshadow F-you (n.)Facebook-stalk (v.)facedown (adj.)facelift facepalm (one word, all forms)face-swap (all forms)face-to-face (adj., adv.)Face Time (the Apple app), but face time (n.) (in all other uses)faceup (adj.); face up (v.)fanbasefanboy, fangirlfansitefanfiction, fanfic farmers marketfast food (n.); fast-food (adj.)fauxhawkfave, faved, faving (e.g., I faved his tweet)FBI (OK on first reference)fiancé (all instances, regardless of gender)fieldworkerfinal girlfirst-timerfirst-world problemfist-bump (v.); fist bump (n.)flashpointflat iron (hair tool, n.); flat-iron (v.); Flatiron Districtflatscreen (one word, both as n.

and v.)never mind News Feed (when referring to Facebook's News Feed); newsfeed, one word, in other referencesnews gathering New York magazine New Wave (for film genre); new wave (for music genre)nip slipnonprofit (as n. 1 for official rankings, like on music charts (except in quotes); spell out number one in all other uses (Tuberculosis is the number one cause of death in people living with HIV); #1 also acceptable informallynow: When referring to time, do not use a comma (I used to be completely terrified of heights. When used colloquially, use a comma (Now, I'd never say that all cats are awesome, but I've never met one who wasn't)n-word (style thusly; see more under Profanity)NYC "O Canada" (for both the national anthem and expressions)OB-GYNO-faceoffscreen (adv.

and adj.)offseason OG (no periods)oh man, oh my god, oh no all OK without comma after Oh Ok Cupidombréomega-3omeleton-again, off-againonboard: one word as a modifier (onboard entertainment), but There was a baby on boardon demand (lowercase, unless part of a service's official title) onesieonscreen (adv.