Named slave not updating

20 Nov

The caveat is that a slave does not resynchronize instantly -- it polls to see if its zone data is current.

The polling interval is one of those numbers in the SOA record that we haven't explained yet.

The serial number applies to all the data within the zone.

We chose to start our serial number at 1, a logical place to start.

You can (and probably will eventually) set up more than two authoritative name servers for your zones.

Two name servers are the minimum -- if you have only one name server and it goes down, no one can look up domain names.

The crucial difference is where the server gets its data.(BIND Versions 8 and 9 support a mechanism to speed up the distribution of zone data, which we'll describe later.) A slave name server doesn't need to retrieve all its zone data over the network; the overhead files, directory /var/named primary db.primary 249.249.192.db.192.249.249 primary 253.253.192.db.192.253.253 primary 0.0.127.db.127.0.0 cache .db.cachedirectory /var/named secondary bak.secondary bak.192.249.249 secondary bak.192.253.253 primary 0.0.127.db.127.0.0 cache .These fields won't work in any other order, since no other order gives a value that always increases as the date changes.This is critical: whatever format you choose, it's important that the serial number always increase when you update your zone data.