Orcon usage not updating

24 Mar

In fact Netflix alone accounted for a quarter of all Orcon traffic.

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Baycorp then listed a payment default on Mr Taylor’s credit report with Veda Advantage.

The story has had quite a bit of media coverage, but none has yet covered the clear guidance the Human Rights Review Tribunal has given us about how to treat such cases in the future.

Karamea Miller has always considered herself a heavy internet user, especially since she racked up an 7 mobile phone bill while her family's home connection was on the fritz last month.

She used to feel a bit guilty about how much of her free time, in-between work and study at Massey University, was spent watching a screen.

The Tribunal disagreed with the view we came to on the complaint and we’ve learned some important lessons.

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That's so much TV it would take a single person about 21 days, without sleep, to watch.

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But the Tribunal materially disagreed with the legal test we applied to determine whether the breach of principle 8 lead to interference with Mr Taylor’s privacy.

Causal connection On the issue of ‘causal connection’ between the harm claimed by Mr Taylor and Orcon’s action in breaching principle 8, the Tribunal stated no clear causation standard has yet been established.