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20 Aug

Of course, consulting a gifted psychic or astrologer is the best way to get insight into your individual chart and put you on the path to finding that true love.Here is an overview of how the Ox gets along with the rest of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.The three signs joined within the same trine will all be compatible.

Knowing a person's Chinese zodiac sign can give you an overall look into the world of romantic compatibility and aid you in your quest to find true love.Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Ox: The Ox – 牛 Individuals who are born under the Chinese sign of the Ox are diligent workers who will not stop a task until it is completed.Ox signs are rigid, slow in their work however, spending hours to accomplish very little.The Chinese Ox is observant, intelligent and creative.These qualities can make them good artisans, laborers or businesspeople.