Parsi dating service

28 Nov

“For those wishing to meet or date within the community, it’s a great idea.Debates over non-inclusiveness can continue, but initiatives like these will bring us closer,” she thinks.A verification system is being worked on by the technology team to help keep out a whole universe that the Bawas simply refer to as ‘non-Parsis’. We don’t wish to seem non-inclusive, and could look at allowing access to all communities in future, but for the moment let’s focus on helping single Parsis meet their ilk,” says Patel, adding that he would like it to gradually expand into a social and professional networking platform.Although purists will hand Patel their vote, there is likely to be a section that could root for inclusiveness.Actor and TV host Parizaad Kolah Marshall finds the idea “hilarious and excellent”.Most Indian communities, she says, have traditionally advocated intra-marriage, so also the Parsis.Those who wish to be ‘Parsi-Parsi’, and endogamous, more glory to them.” Former BPP trustee Dinshaw Tamboly, who is known for his reformist views, says that given the fact that that the app aims to be for Parsis-only, it is for the user to decide whether s/he wishes to be on it.

Mumbai-based model, television actor and bachelor Viraf Patel understands this.

Broacha, who Patel calls an “advisory board member” for the Aapro App, with trademark wit, says, “It’s not Reliance or Tata! I’m happy to just spread the word about a platform that already has youngsters’ curiosity going. For now, it is Parsi exclusive and people are going to have all sorts of opinion on it.

Why not non-Parsis, the reformists will ask; traditional Bawas will question the need for an app in the first place.

When his friends and family didn’t tire from coaxing him to “find a nice Parsi girl”, Patel began to seriously ponder on ways to meet and greet.

“The best way to get to know someone is by communicating,” says Patel, who then struck on the idea of an app that would help community members connect.