Persona 4 dating guys success rates of on line dating

04 Jun

To be fair, it wasn’t easy; aside from watching the anime (which, in fairness, wasn’t bad), it also involved doing a lot more research into the Super Sonico character than I was entirely interested in doing, to the extent that I am now aware that there are somewhere around three or four video games based on her, and kind of hoping one of them makes it stateside.

Laugh all you want, but that’d be hilarious to play over a Livestream.

Oh, and since she’s fairly popular, get used to people actively oogling your waifu publicly and otherwise, and that will almost certainly get annoying after the hundredth time you check social media, see a picture of her, and see a hundred comments expressing gross shit right below it.

Naoto probably has the best overall prospects of the lot, professionally: she’s a world-class detective, and one who is almost certainly going to continue to be a big deal in her current profession as time goes on.

On the plus side, most police academy work in the US can be completed in six months to a year, but on the minus side, the pay for normal police isn’t great, and considering Inaba is in the ass end of nowhere she might be waiting for a spot to open up, transferred, or working for super low pay relatively speaking, so… On the odd chance that she can’t make it into the police force, she could always become some kind of martial arts instructor in the area (assuming that’s an option) or maybe a physical education teacher (because look at their current staff and tell me she couldn’t do it), but Inaba isn’t exactly the opportunity capital of the world.

My point there, and I do have one, is that the Persona 4 cast is pretty likable, which is due in a lot of respects to the fact that they simply get along better than, again, their Persona 3 counterparts, and seem like more likable people as a result.

Otherwise, your options are limited: you can work for Junes or the nearby shopping centers, the Amagi Inn, the day care, the school, the hospital, the police force, and probably the fire department or the city government.

In other words: there are lots of job options, but they probably all pay like shit and there are almost certainly not a lot of job opportunities.

Real talk, though: if you think that any of the men or ladies in Persona 4 would be in any way reasonable people to have a romantic relationship with, you’re a crazy person, and I say that as someone who actively pairs up with Yukiko every time I play. (Oh, and no, we’re not addressing Yu Narukami here, and I don’t feel I have to explain why.) On the subject of profession: Well, let’s hit the easy bullet point now: chances are extremely good with the vast majority of the people here that whatever you do, it’s either being done IN Inaba directly or via telecommuting, or else you’re taking the train to work every day, and since Inaba is in the middle of nowhere, well, it’ll be a hike.

Now, one of the benefits of an extended universe is that if you do have some kind of useful skillset, you could probably get your waifu (or husbando, but come the fuck on) in question to hook you up with the Kirijo group and possibly get a decent work-from-home job so you could still make a living wage without having to travel too often, but it’d almost certainly have to be a skillset that’s – just useful enough that you would be desirable, – not so specialized that they’d need you in the office constantly, – viable enough that you can do it from home, and – useful enough that they’d be willing to do this thing, since Japan isn’t on the “work from home” bandwagon the same way the US is, So in other words, you’re basically boned.