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04 Mar

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is large, glossy, and hassle-free.

Immigration and customs is quick and getting to town is a breeze on the new KLIA Express.

She was seen at 10pm, at which point she was able to hand over the body of her 15-week-old child to the hospital.

“It was a horrific three hours, which I will never, ever forget,” she told the newspaper.

We know what a difficult and painful time this is for all women and we aim to offer them as much support as we can.

Then I head to my favourite curry shop and dive into the mutton masala, marvelling at juicy chunks of tandoori chicken and vast streaming strands of laksa noodles waving sinuously in a red chilli soup that packs enough punch to land a man on the moon.

Kuala Lumpur shopping presents mind-boggling options and stuff so cheap you'd expect EVERYONE to be here.

Yet Kuala Lumpur business hotels remain surprisingly seasonal and regular discounts of 30-40 percent or more are perennially on offer.

Ask for bulkhead rows 11 or 29 for a really good stretch.

The configuration is 2-4-2 so there are just two seats on the window side.