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08 May

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The 10 Rules For Dating My Daughter T-Shirt is boldly printed across the of the tee, we do some blatant advertising on the front and print our logo on the front left chest so you don't forget where you bought it!!I walked into the lounge and sat in the sofa before realising we were alone. " I asked "Simon, I knew it was you from the description Cindy gave, I couldn't believe the man I had sex with at that hen do was dating my daughter." she said ignoring my question. "Good point, well made but crudely put." she said before adding "I thought you would never want to see me again, that night was the first time in years I had let my hair down, it was my sister's hen party, and I was drunk, I fancied you, saw you fancied me and I let my guard down," she replied sitting next to me on the sofa. "Yes, it is the same outfit you had on that night," I replied. "Kiss me please," she said softly as her lips met mine."I only started seeing Cindy because she reminded me of you, I didn't know she was your daughter," I replied honestly. "As I remember, you let your guard down three times that night and once in the morning," I said. "I sent them out for the evening, I told them I wanted to vet you myself. Her hand stayed on my thigh as her other arm came up and gently stroked my cheek as she kissed me, I tried not to respond but the smell of her perfume and the gentleness of her touch and the kiss soon had me kissing her back and wrapping both arms around her and pulling her to me. "Of course I do, but lets be sensible, you are married, 47 years old, and the mother of my girlfriend," I replied trying to be sensible when all I wanted to do was throw on the bed and fuck her brains out.Her mum also worked there but in a different department.Cindy is 20 years old, Blonde hair, very pretty with a young tight body, 5ft 8 inches tall with long legs, I had never seen them because she always wore trousers, her breasts looked more than a handful but again unconfirmed as she always wore baggy blouses at work. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have run out on you, but it was the first and only time I had ever done anything like that and I was scared." she replied.