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08 Aug

In modern fiction, this template is at least as old as J. Huysmans’s scandalous account of fin de siècle Satanism, "La Bas" (1891).Huysmans’s narrator, Durtal, a bored author interested in learning more about satanic sects said to be proliferating within the Catholic Church, infiltrates a Black Mass presided over by one Paris’s most respected priests.Like any good decadent, he assumes the rite will at least be diverting.Attending with his lover—the wife of a rival author—his bemusement turns to horror as the priest “wipes himself” with the Eucharist, women writhe in ecstasy on the floor, and the choirboys “give themselves” to the men.

His daughter no longer has any interest in men, only her beloved German Shepherd. He realizes the night’s spectacle has unfolded in the basement of his very own Long Island home—of which he is now dispossessed.Berkeley would earn a thousand pounds for inventing a whipping horse on which a pretty girl could be postured in a thousand different lascivious ways for the lash.” After another humiliating failure with a prostitute, Mac Kensie meets the mysterious Carlos Sathanas, a worldly, rich sophisticate.Their conversation quickly turns to “unusual pleasures.” “To put it bluntly,” he tells Mac Kensie, “for all this talk about the new sexual freedom, I for one fail to perceive it except in the huge dissemination of titallitory books and magazines and movies, which are nothing more or less than pure psychic masturbation.With the blindfold now removed, a curtain parts to reveal two nude women intertwined on a couch.Aroused to point of physical pain, Mac Kensie looks down to see there is a collar device attached to his penis making orgasm impossible: the chair of Tantalus! As the effects of the Spanish fly begin to wane, he recognizes the two women on the couch as his wife and her recently hired personal masseuse.