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23 Jul

" "Well his, um, penis looks different from the pictures." "Angela, this really isn't appropriate. They are a lot um, bigger." "Well, like penises, testicles come in all shapes and sizes as well." "But Dad's hang a lot further down." Right now they were hanging between his legs; so she had to lean forward to see them. " Beth exclaimed, before remembering to curb her excitement.We..." "Look Roger, do you want our children to grow up thinking they can't ask us questions or talk to us about sex? " "No, of course not, but this is just, well, getting rather personal." "Well who else are they supposed to ask? "Well, if they are larger, they will sometimes hang a little lower." "What do they look like? "Beth I really think that's enough," Roger tried to intervene; but Beth wasn't listening.It contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature including incest so if you find such material offensive please do not read any further.Finally this story is based very heavily on a similar one I read some time ago, I don't remember the name or the story or the author but I hope they forgive me borrowing their premise and re-booting it.

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Angela walked down the steps, carrying some plates and a small table. It was thick, veiny, and hung down so low, it bounced off her dad's leg as he walked down the steps." ", but all the same..." "Look, you remember how up tight your parents were about sex, and how you swore you would be different when we had kids? Everyone was hungry; and there wasn't much talk as they ate their food." "Well, of course, but this is different..." "Is it? There was more than they could manage; and in the end they admitted defeat.NUDIST FAMILY HOLIDAY CHAPTER 3 Kevin had a fairly relaxed afternoon at the lakeside, there were quite a few hotties for him to admire; and thanks to his sister's hand job, he was able to stay fairly cool about it.Most of the girls seemed to be happy naked, which was fine with Kevin; but Beth was getting her share of admiring looks as well.