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05 Aug

Some believers insist that YOU follow along with them in their beliefs. You're asking in no unequivocal terms "What do they do that's weird that will freak me out?Some can accept that you do not, but will drift away from you fairly rapidly anyway, because without the belief identity, they just don't have enough in common with you to stay interested. "That's what you should be asking your DATE, not a group of strangers who have no idea what your date may do that YOU will label as influenced by Scientology.i knew little of the organization then and was eventually glad they self-filtered.however when this all took place it was quite confusing and i felt i lived in DC i used to occasionally walk by the scientology center in NW.and hey those stories about uncle ron auditing a tomato and stealing jack parsons' girlfriend were a hoot.oh, brb..... They were odd but no more than most people are.i had a friend date a scientologist, we were all about 21 yrs old.

He went to a private school growing up that was focused on that religion and his mother is an active member as well. Neither of us ever tried to instill our views on the other.

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Being a single mother can be extremely difficult and exhausting with hardly any time to yourself.

Some, are only involved in the belief system, because they were casting about for something to wed their psyche to, and will drop it in favor of something else soon after, perhaps even for interest in you (this is not always a bad thing, or a good thing). Oh, and you can doubtless find a VERY cheap copy of Dianetics in ANY used book store. You could blame Scientology for anything you think is strange:- wearing no socks- being uncircumcised- refusing to eat carrots- jumping on your new couch- naming his kids "Sparkle" and "Sunshine"And you came here to find JUSTIFICATION for acting that way.

You want a scorecard you can pull out and check off every time you see something you don't like.