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30 Jul

And Whisper found itself embroiled in scandal after asked for an update on its progress.

To its credit, Secret has mostly avoided troubles like these.

Before, every post was broadcast to the entire Secret network, then filtered into "friend" and "explore" feeds.

Now you see at least two feeds: secrets from your friends, and secrets from your city or school.

"It’s more important what is said than who said it.

Our goal is to facilitate conversation — either in a physical location, or socially, with your friends." About conversation: Secret now enables private, one-on-one messaging between users.

You can still add a photo to your post, but it appears in a circular thumbnail next to the text.If they're concerned about this, the founders don't show it."Everything we should do should allow for people to feel more comfortable posting," Bader says.While you can still leave public comments on a secret, tapping on a user’s avatar will now let you contact the author of a post directly.Each chat gets a random label, like "Hidden Village" or "Magical Theater," to help you distinguish them from one another.