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15 Jun

We managed to navigate public transit in Tehran together, I didn’t have to sit on my lonesome in a women-only section.It was all very easy actually and funny to hear our kids praise Tehran’s modern metro system.My interrogator flicked suggestively at her hijab."Oh," I said, realising what she meant, "I thought you meant boring for tourists.""Iran is like a prison," interjected the man, crossing his wrists as if in handcuffs.Across the country, in both conservative and relatively liberal cities, I found the frustration of young Iranians palpable.Subscribe to the Wander Mom rss feed, follow me on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. "I was asked this question countless times during my month travelling through the Islamic Republic, and my answer was always the same: "I love it; it's an amazing country full of beautiful, friendly and generous people." But I was always more interested to know what Iranians' ideas about Iran were, and I didn't need to do much asking because their opinions were usually forthcoming."In Iran," one young man said while giving me a lift on the back of his motorcycle, "we cannot do what we want to do.

And they have the sympathy of some pre-revolution fellow citizens."Life for young Iranians is not good," one middle-aged man told me, comparing the current state of the country to that of his own youth.The young woman in front of her was dressed in forbidding black, a perfect example of strict hijab.I noticed an offical-looking badge below her chin and gasped. I can’t help thinking that the Fashion Police are such a pointless endeavour.Iranian guys seem to have adapted as well as girls: chador or not, a pretty girl is still a pretty girl worthy of a smile, a wave or at least an appreciative glance.Personally, I don’t care whether someone observes hijab or not – so long as she has been able to make the choice whether or not to do so herself.