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22 Aug

Describes two monuments by James Gibbs in Poets Corner and proposed monument by Rysbrack.Identifies a monument in S cloister as by Roubiliac 1748..King John’s effigy at Worcester was gilded – this was later decided to be a mistake.Recounts the arguments at Gloucester between Cathedral architect and Office of Works over quality of work on tomb of Edward II.Gives a history of State payment for repair of monuments prior to Ancient Monuments Act.

Also examines Howard tombs at Lanercost Priory, Frank Holly 1888-93 at St Paul’s Cathedral and Benjamin Disraeli at Westminster Abbey. Shows that tombs at Westminster, which showed many stylistic innovations, had become a regular tourist attraction in the early 17C which resulted in their being copied or adapted by those who saw them for regional use.

Suggests connection with paintings of Jean Pucelle active in Paris in 1320s. c.1316 at Shorne, Kent and Sir Richard de Westcote d. Comments on the nature of the armour particularly the coifs worn by these effigies, their sword belts and spurs.

Shows Pucellian originals influencing style in other media. Early 17C memorial sculpture saw introduction of classical learning in design.

Probably designed by Pietro Torrigiano, the effigy is of polychromed terracotta.

Comparison is made with tomb of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York at Westminster by Torrigiano.