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Scott then says, "It's an all out war."In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Jeff Davis shared that he had a difficult time wrapping up the series because there were so many characters that needed a good ending."We tried to craft an ending that feels right for the audience and for the characters," said Davis.Davis also revealed that there are more characters, apart from Stiles and Derek, who are coming back to the show, including Kate (Jill Wagner), Jackson (Colton Haynes), and Ethan (Charlie Carver). According to the episode 20 synopsis from IB Times, Gerard will move into the final phase of his plans to attack and eliminate the "Supernaturals of Beacon Hills." Scott's (Tyler Posey) pack doesn't seem like they have a chance against the joined forces of the hunters and the Anuk-Ite.

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"To make it better, Derek arrives — after Chris Argent (J. Bourne) talks him into helping them defeat Gerard — and corrects Stiles, "Without us?

" who then unleashes his fangs and blue eyes before attacking the hunters.

They didn't petition the authorities or picket Herod's palace.

Rioting in the streets and protesting in the public sector would only have gotten them a matching jail cell (and death sentence). But they were also praying that night because God hadn't yet answered their request on behalf of Peter.