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23 Nov

Sexual assault occurs when consent has not been given freely by the victim, whenever the victim fears that he or she will be injured if he or she does not submit, whenever the victim is incapable of giving consent or resisting due to alcohol or drugs and whenever the perpetrator uses physical force, threat, coercion or intimidation to overpower the victim. Sanctions imposed for disciplinary purposes by the University against those found responsible for sexual misconduct may include suspension or expulsion from the University.

Sexual misconduct may violate both a University policy as well as constitute criminal activity. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual misconduct, you are encouraged to contact the police by dialing 911 and seek medical attention (and/or evidence collection) at the hospital emergency room. A list of all possible sanctions can be found in Article IV, Section D of the Student Code of Conduct.

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Please see further information about the Arkansas Tech University sexual misconduct prevention programs and policy below. Sexual misconduct is specifically prohibited on the Arkansas Tech University campus or in connection with any of the programs and activities it sponsors.

Students committing sex offenses, whether on or off campus, are subject to University disciplinary action as well as criminal action.

Regardless of how much time has passed since the sexual assault, help is available through the Office of Counseling Services.

Following a sexual assault you may find that this time is frightening, confusing, and full of various emotions.

We hope that Counseling Services can serve as a starting point for understanding those feelings, finding resources, and taking the steps towards healing.

Guest speakers with related expertise are also brought to campus by Registered Student Organizations.

Counseling Services provides a variety of related educational and informational media for campus community use upon request.