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17 Jul

I feel a need to understand how transformations can be realized, and when it comes to revolutions, it’s the self- limiting kind that I saw up close in Poland that I think is most desirable.

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Odds are that if you visited Hydra 10 or maybe even 20 years ago, not much has changed. Kind of like your 70- or 80-something-year-old relative who knows how to Face Time but will never stop believing that you can fall deathly ill from an aggressively breezy draft.To subscribe, send a blank email to: greece-announce [email protected] main website is currently under construction.We have three Facebook groups, one for the Greek burners in general, one for the Burning the Mediterranean Sea event, and one for the Greek people (or people that are in Greece) who are interested in going to Nowhere.Greece is quite new in the burn community, but the flame is strong within us!The community is still very small and slowly growing.