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04 Feb

Mine may be latex but I can pound it with the precision of a jackhammer. I may not be bilingual but I know when a man says, "Gusto kitang kantutin", he wants to fuck me and when he hauls out a mammoth cock glistening with pre-cum he wants me to wrap my perfect pouty lips around it and suck it like a vacuum.

You can bring your adult friends who are 45 and above.

So when it cums down to it, I can give as good as I take.

In fact, Ive been known to issue a challengelets both drop our pants and who ever has the most hanging between their legs gets to fuck the other!!!

You may also call the girl directly and provide her with your credit card information and she can process it for you.

November 2017, Saturday Time : 4.30pm SHARP Duration: approx. Distance 4.9 km Meeting Place: Khatib mrt (North South Line) , exit B.