Snapple were dating

28 Nov

We had a frontal view of them as they stood there waiting for their drinks, and after looking them over carefully he said, Youre wrong. They are not sisters but their coloring and features are similar.

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At this time of day there were middle school kids in droves heading home from school, or to get a snack at one of the many eateries.The girls ordered, and I heard the tall one order a Mocha with a double shot. I turned to Carl and told him that they had both ordered really strong coffee. But when it was our turn, I asked the gal behind the counter, and she told Carl that I was right.The girls wandered off to the counter where the coffee was to be delivered, and I told Carl that I guessed they were twelve maybe thirteen and what is a girl that age doing ordering that kind of strong coffee.The little one giggled, and the tall one said, No, but we are first cousins.We chatted some more and I also learned that they were both in eighth grade just in eighth grade as the fall semester had just started.