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06 Oct

(over 80% of cases sampled) in the P-3 Family reunification Visa program that DNA testing by INS teams in Kenyan Somali refugee camps uncovered - immigration fraud that forced the State Department to temporarily shut down the Family reunification program.

While federal investigators had tracked the movements of American recruits to the Shabaab since at least early 2008, the F. I.’s case did not swing into high gear until after Shirwa Ahmed’s suicide attack that fall. As the inquiry wore on, community leaders say, more than 50 people were subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury in Minneapolis and another jury was convened in San Diego. The mosque’s leaders denied this, in turn accusing the family and others of shirking responsibility for their own children.The recruitment of the Twin Cities men can be traced to a group of Somali immigrants from Northern Europe and other countries who, in 2005, traveled to Somalia to fight with the Islamist movement, a senior law enforcement official said.A handful of those men later went to Minneapolis, the official said, and helped persuade the first large group from the Twin Cities to leave for Somalia starting in late 2007.There is reason to believe that there may be several other unaccounted deaths of these American Somali Jihadis.Note this from the Star Tribune For more than a year, federal authorities have been investigating a possible connection between terrorist groups and the disappearances of as many as 20 young Somalis from the Twin Cities over the past two years. citizen known to have carried out a suicide bombing.