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06 Oct

And, to add further weight to the argument: “My favourite demonstration is to smash one of my wooden tubes against a titanium tube of equivalent size and weight. Only the low BB, long chain stays and surprising comfort mark it out as being anything other than a race-focused machine and, at only 7.5kg as pictured, it is far from porky too.

Component-wise, this ended up being a very up-to-date build.

I can alter the number of layers and the compositions of these layers, including which woods are used where, which composites to use where and whether to use unidirectional or bidirectional fabric.

I can also alter the layup angles for all the above, giving me a large amount of control over the tube properties.” On this bike — number two of two thus far — the joins are carbon fibre (Mark’s personal version is joined with stainless steel lugs), as is the bulky BB and surrounding area.

He didn’t specifically set out to make a wooden bike, but to make the best bike he could using acoustic design principles. In Mark’s own words: “The woods are used to form tubes in combination with other materials chosen for mechanical and acoustic properties — namely boron fibre, carbon fibre and basalt fibre.In his spare time, Mark Kelly creates bicycle frames under the guise of Lyrebird Cycles.He refers to these frames as ‘The Tonewood Project’ — so named because of the Australian hardwoods used in the finished article, which are renowned as ‘tonewoods’ by Australian luthiers.Fender’s latest artist signature models showcase the versatility of Fender’s sound across genres, while paying tribute to some of the music industry’s most-celebrated players and their vibrant stories; they include the Brad Paisley Road Worn® Telecaster®, Jimi Hendrix TM Monterey Stratocaster®, George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster, JMJ Road Worn® Mustang® Bass and EOB Sustainer Stratocaster.“We’re debuting a record number of artist signature models at Summer NAMM this year, honouring some of the most respected players in the music world.