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31 Mar

Though, at 25, I fall into the target age range for this event — and debatably am also a “cool Jew” — I’m not generally one who hangs out at straight clubs in San Francisco.And I can’t remember the last time I’ve donned a neon wristband.I found myself telling these strangers the most interesting qualities about myself.Surprised by the things I wanted to share and what my qualifying life adjectives would be in a five-minute or less conversation. And, I just may have a second date in the works; and, if that doesn’t work, I just might try this whole thing again.I enjoyed the sobering and truthful aspect of my evening of speed dating.

Now that I’ve been cuffed, I am officially recognizable to all the others in the club as one of the “cool Jews getting together to meet other Jews and have fun” (or so says Jewbilee’s Facebook page description).These are the rules: women stay put while the men rotate seats every five minutes. I won’t recount the exact details of every conversation I had that night. He said with work being so busy and successful there is no time to meet women. Jeremy spoke with his hands and was far shorter than any man I had previously considered dating.But he made me laugh and his height didn’t matter anymore.Despite all this, here I am, sipping an expensive cocktail amid a sea of young Jews schmoozing around a dance floor.However, I come with questions: What is everyone doing here?