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27 Sep

In the end, the logo design was anything but custom --- such a basic thing that any 10-year old with MS Paint could have done, and much more quickly.

Any kind of support is horrible, if the company even responds.

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I would only reconmend buying this software if you PHP skills are good or very good.I'm still open-minded to the existance severe competition, these script dev guys are trying to bite each others heads off and stuff...I've done tons of Google Searches and have some great info, but it's all of an unknown origin, I need first hand contributions here - please!"We found Ricks Line and that was exactly the problem," he says."People don’t have the time, patience, or technical aptitude to put this together." Once you download Koozoo to an old i Phone or i Pod Touch (and soon, Android devices), setting up a video stream over either Wi-Fi or 4G takes less than a minute.