Squirrel dating advice

12 Jan

Getting intimately involved with someone you don’t know, allowing strangers into your home, or being all alone with someone you just met is just asking for trouble.

Dating successfully is an organized process that will take some time.

You know, the kind of fucking bitch that has 15 different kinds of rings on each finger. You know, these fucking women who have their names on this little chain as if they'd fucking forget and then women who have their own name tattooed on their own body. Like are they really THAT stupid that they wake up in the morning and say "Oh my god! " and they have to look at their ass in the mirror to find out who they are, "Oh that's right, I'm Amy." give me a fucking break!

You don't want to deal with women who doesn't know who they are. Like if your girl friend walks in the room with a condom on her head then you know you may want to ask a few questions but other than that try to trust the individual.

Or, you can go to where the squirrels are, offer them something attractive, like walnuts, and wait quietly, just enjoying the day and the place.

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