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09 Jan

The more forgiving Posh fans will point to Gillingham’s late change of manager before this game - Oldham also changed the boss just before beating Posh - as an excuse, but should the promotion of coach Steve Lovell really have been more important than the absence of his top scorer and three senior defenders?Sure, Lovell apparently released his players from shackles and encouraged ambition, but it was still a team with one win all season and a paltry six goals scored.

Jermaine Anderson can’t yet be match fit, Michael Doughty wasn’t fit yesterday, while Leo Da Silva Lopes looks baffled at being asked to play in every position bar the one he’s most comfortable in.Holy had saved well to deny Ricky Miller soon after the Gillingham goal.The problems are piling up for Mc Cann who mentioned the advice/abuse he received from ‘4,000 managers’ during the match. Playing with Edwards, Maddison and Marriott ought to be a dream for the boy from Bretton, but he was anonymous here, understandably so when the pointless high ball is fired in his direction, but less so when Edwards is delivering excellence from the left side.Gills coasted through the second-half, sensibly saving themselves for the visit of Wigan on Tuesday, with defensive discipline enough to keep the frantic, disjointed efforts from Posh at bay.Former Posh favourite Gaby Zakuani, who was given a generous round of applause by the Posh faithful after the match, would have been surprised how little he and his fellow defenders were tested by a team with a strong scoring record.