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05 Apr

And then, just maybe, you will see that you too played a role in the drama. Move from there, but right now, here, you are complete. And life will be a more consistently happy place to live. My purpose here is to teach you how to live a richer life of greater purpose and meaning, of mind-blowing possibility and deeper, more soul-satisfying happiness than you ever dreamt was possible.

And perhaps you will also come to see that the offender had no such intentions of offending. This self-acceptance will de-claw others’ ability to offend you. People who are internally fragile – no matter how “tough” their exterior – break most easily at the wrong or misplaced word or deed. Join us on this happy adventure as you learn how to unlock your hidden potential to enjoy the rewards of a life well lived.

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In the heat of the moment, try asking yourself these questions: “What am I getting so bent out of shape for? This will have the added benefit of being less offensive to others, as you learn to be “too noble to offense.” In any event, if you can slide your feet into their moccasins for a minute, you can learn to see things from the offender’s perspective. But accept that too, not as an excuse to stop the moral climb, but as an understanding that where you are is fine for now, at this moment.

While I think this plot can largely speak for itself, I do want to highlight and qualify a few things.

To the degree you can detach your ideas from your identity, you will live a happy, fulfilling life with little opportunity to feel offended. You just may find there is no offense to be had by the time you get to the end. We all have foibles, idiosyncrasies and personality and character flaws. Don’t hold on to the imperfections of others so tightly that you strangle yourself in the process!

A well-known religious leader once said that whenever he hears that he has offended someone, his first response is to stop and think if, in fact, he may have said or done something that could have given the of an offense. If you expect others to act and speak a certain way, or assume others will be as kind or compassionate as you, if you’re offended when they don’t rise to the level of your expectation, you will almost always be offended or on the verge of it.

Instead, draw conclusions based on the peak occurring at 32 rather than 22 or 26 (which are more typical assumptions).

More importantly, consider that although physical attractiveness peaks at one point (C), internal attractiveness plateaus later (D). post-30) peak in overall attractiveness is likely to draw some criticism, I doubt that such criticism is honest, or considers a woman's internal attractiveness.