The importance of updating data Free amateur chat face to face

07 Jul

Nothing speaks more strongly to NCPDP’s reputation for accuracy and credibility than this.

If the federal government trusts NCPDP for its pharmacy information needs, along with hundreds of subscriber organizations, large and small, private and public – why wouldn’t you?

No other source can provide the same level of granular detail.

For example, data Q 3.0 can help you discover the top pharmacies dispensing a specific prescription drug in any service area you choose, or give information on specific pharmacy types such as long term care, compounding or specialty pharmacies in a specific city or region.

You need value-adds to better serve your clients and stand out in a highly competitive market, and you need them now.Every day, data Q 3.0 helps payers across the healthcare industry to enhance productivity, reduce costs and improve their bottom line.In fact, NCPDP is the only EFI (Electronic File Interchange) organization certified by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to electronically obtain NPI (National Provider Identifier) numbers for authorizing pharmacies, and maintain them within the federal government’s NPPES (National Plan and Provider Enumeration System).For example, pharmacies have ownership over the timeliness and quantity of data Q 3.0 files received, updating their record online, which is then validated and accepted for posting by NCPDP.This ensures expedited updates, giving you the latest data. If you add value for your clients by matching pharmacies up with NPI numbers, that information is immediately available.