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25 Nov

(Yes, the stories sound similar, but David insists they’re true.) David describes MB as “dating steroids.” He says the women who’ve agreed to go out with him are considerably more attractive than those he’s dated in the past.

Far from being put off that he’s outsourcing online seduction to professionals, they’re intrigued by the service.

“There was no surprise, no real connection.” David claims he was an “above average dater” before using the service, and at the age of 27 he’s been in long-term relationships.

But the dates themselves were often a frustrating experience.

If you thought that hookup app Tinder had the dating market covered, you’d be wrong.

The My Mate Your Date app has just launched a new £300 a month service, promising to set you up on at least three dates, not with an algorithm, but through a living, breathing human being.

After we introduced you to him last year, the “wingman for hire” and “real-life Hitch” appeared in outlets like the and WPIX.

When we first wrote about Recenello, we noted some unflattering descriptions (“#Addicted To Mirrors,” “#Total F**king Dickhead,” etc.) on Lulu, a site that allows women to review their ex-boyfriends.

He hasn’t been one for long-term relationships, but he has now hired and trained a Mervyn Bunter concierge to take over his own online dating. “It’s not a serious relationship yet, just because my last relationship ended two months ago.

“If they say they’re both Picasso lovers, we set up a Picasso date at the Met,” said.

One of the dates MB set up for David involved horseback riding in Prospect Park.