Thousand arms dating guide

07 Jun

The format is this: Sodina, or whoever, will pose a question to Meis, and you must pick one of two options as an answer. If the date goes well, your intimacy factor grows by a point, and your blacksmithing ability is thereby increased as well.

In addition to normal "dates," you can play minigames that boost your statistics with a girl.

That's where the dating elements of this game come in.

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It's easiest to compare them to other games: They have elements from Namco's LMB system (the Tales series) in that your characters are all flat anime characters on a 3D background.

The game has a very humorous presentation and loads of cel artwork - any time a scene with any importance is about to happen, the camera swings around to a close-up shot of the characters in fully hand-drawn anime style.

There is also a lot of extremely well-done voice acting in the game - Sodina and Meis, especially, are full of emotion, and they carry the weight of their lines extremely well.

The company's expertise shows; nothing seems awkward or out of place, and it all flows.

What makes Thousand Arms unique is the master system, in which you use your powers as a spirit blacksmith to reforge your party's weapons, adding power and spells to them. Being a spirit blacksmith is tough; in addition to the master points you use to reshape the metal, you'll need the support of a girl to achieve your results.