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04 Jul

Talk to people about how they use Tupperware, how long they’ve had their Tupperware and their first piece of Tupperware.

Raffle Tupperware products, have a trivia contest about Tupperware history and demonstrate cooking and food preparation with Tupperware products to draw traffic to your space.

Due to an early lead and a reputation for good quality Tupperware dominated its market for many years but that began to change in the 1970s and '80s.

In the last 20 years a crowded market and fierce competition has left Tupperware sales consultants in need of every competitive edge they can find.

Tupperware sales consultants bring products, introduce new product lines, answer questions about warranties and replacements and gather names and contact information from new customers for future sales.

Every interaction with customers is an opportunity to discuss products and make sales.

Que vous ayez un petit budget ou non, que votre cur balance pour un sjour au bord de la mer ou encore que vous dsiriez vous dtendre au camping par exemple, il vous suffit de renseigner notre moteur de recherches et vos envies les plus folles deviennent ralits.

Vous voulez rserver un appartement chez un particulier, une chambre en gte de France, et mme une maison en village de vacances ?

Pour ce faire, notre site met par exemple votre disposition litinraire le plus simple pour vous rendre sur votre lieu de vacances ainsi que les activits possibles faire sur place. Nous vous proposons galement les avis de tous voyageurs tant partis avec nous.Home parties are Tupperware’s traditional sales method.Sales consultants contract with party hostesses to book a date to come and demonstrate Tupperware products, entertain guests/customers, take orders for Tupperware, book future parties and recruit new sales consultants.Hire a local teen to help you with demonstrations and customer service during exhibition sales events so you don’t miss any sales opportunities.Promote your Tupperware sales business with an auto magnetic sign, bumper sticker or window decal.