Two brothers dating two sisters

11 Dec

Then the other sister is already related to her brother-in-law's family.... Two sisters gave birth to two babies, two days apart, and they are married to two brothers.

But then she married her brother-in-law's brother. It get's confusing but it's my mom's uncle and my dad's cousin.

It is important to note that he never once hurt any of us, although we didn’t know if he would, and believed he was very capable of doing so.

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He wouldn’t eat and he would smoke like a chimney and drink coffee nonstop.* * * One of my earliest memories of Fred’s illness is of him running down the stairs and telling my parents that God told him to collect ,000 or he would have to burn the house down. When I looked into his eyes, I got scared because what I saw wasn’t Fred.Even at my young age, I knew that Fred was not in there at that moment.Unless you have witnessed schizophrenia firsthand, you can’t possibly imagine the fear, the frustration, the anger, the sadness, and most of all, you can’t begin to understand the hopelessness you feel for your loved one.It’s an ugly fight, and the reality is that few ever win the battle.