Two redheads dating

24 Jul

There was the redhead in high school who used to make out with me after school in the woods.She tasted like bubblegum, glowed in the sun, and dated every boy except for me.The Frisky: Why I love my gray hair Every single she-ruby I've ever attempted to date has failed to acknowledge my existence, taken a flamethrower to my heart, or disappeared in the morning like a cinnamon mist.Maybe this is poetic justice, the price one pays for chasing someone based on a single physical attribute.But their weird drug interactions don’t end there- for example, preliminary studies from the same team above show they are easier to treat with certain drugs than others.The final conclusion that the Aalborg University study drew was that the ‘redhead’ gene (or MC1R for you scientistas out there) is far more intricate and complex than the simple blonde or brown haired gene, affecting far more of the body beyond red hair- in fact, we’ve only scratched the surface!But upon deeper inspection, the research team discovered something interesting: the men didn’t approach the women because they found them less attractive. As it turns out, both of those are linked to a wider, far more complex gene than previously imagined.

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A study done by the Université de Bretagne-Sud, in France, discovered that redheads are approached far, far less by men than by women- overwhelmingly, in social situations men will approach blondes the most and brunettes the second most, leaving the poor redheads far in the dust.Likewise, my brunette girlfriends have defied the standard definitions.In my experience, blonds don't have any more fun than brunettes.The women who have the most fun are those women who give themselves permission to have fun.So, how do I explain a personal craving for flame brains?