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05 Jul

This works very nice but I would like to have my own event, say Print Grid( by using Event keyword and raising by Raise Event) but the event handler gives error while writing to the range of cells.my questin - SO my question - Is it possible to modify excel cells from custom event handlers that are triggered manually from UDF using Raise Event ?Example: Sub UDFfunction() Dim s As string s="Text" Evaluate "otherfunc(""" & s & """)" End Sub Function c() End Function ---------------- Public Function otherfunc(By Val str As String) Active Sheet. Yet Excel is capable of far more than the standard editing of cell contents allows, through the magic of Alright, now our macro is complete, so let’s save and go back to our actual spreadsheet to test it out.To ensure it is functional, select a different spreadsheet, then select a single cell where you want the sum to be inserted.something of this sort meaning if a certain condition evaluates to true then write the result as work done in A5. and this particular formula is copied right down the excel sheet. meaning B6 will have formula ($a="yes", A6="work done") . Please help urgently quote: Originally posted by hakimk Hi Everyone, I am having a formula in Cell B5 and I want to put the result of this formula in Cell A5. Cell A5 should contain the result of formula written in B5. Then I want to copy the same formula down to other cells . Thanks Hakim In that case you cannot do specifically what you want with Excel sheet functions alone.

Maccas i am wondering if there is a way to continue the code i have here Private Sub Command Button1_Click() Active Sheet.

When I raise a Custom Event and try to write to cells, I get #Value error.

On the other hand, Application events such as Functions cannot modify cells, correct ?

In any case, my previous exaple should acheive what you want to do.

Just type in cell B5: =IF($A="yes","Work Done,"") Run the Update Val macro (Alt F8) and the hard-coded string "Work Done" will be in cell A5.