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03 Nov

Rkhunter is a common options for scanning your system for rootkits and general vulnerabilities.

It can be easily installed using the package manager with The scanner runs through some system commands, checks for actual rootkits and some malware, network and local host settings, and then gives you the summary as well as recording the findings to a log file.

Having an antivirus in Linux is just another tool to help you protect the system, you won’t be entirely safe just using it, you also need safe practices.

Having your system and server affected by malicious elements is perhaps the last thing you would want. any idea ho to solve this issue so that i can install clam AV. [email protected]:~$ apt install clamav -y E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?

Clam AV is a popular open source antivirus engine available on multitude of platforms including the majority of Linux distributions. Granted that your home directory didn’t contain any viruses or other type of malware, the scan should come back empty. For this, you can download an anti-virus test file, which is a small completely harmless program that most anti-virus software report as infected, though with an obvious test file name Now scan your home folder again with the same command as above, you should receive notice of one infected file at the end summary after the scan is completed.

Some unexpected behaviour on a cloud Linux could be a result of malware infection, while other malicious software might not alert to their presence.

Scanning your system for different types of unwanted programs can help identify issues, or at least give you the peace of mind for having a clean server.

Next we infect the folder you want to scan with the EICAR test virus.

For that create a text file and add the following content to it: Store it and then run the created to see if the virus is found and the mail is sent.