Updating fedora 9 to 10

12 Feb

and you may notice that yum command ask your permission to install update for your system...just key in 'y' and hit 'Enter' key to proceed with the installation... if you want to have coffee and trust your yum command to do update Fedora system for you ...It could result in a unusable install when gnome-terminal segfaults during the upgrade. Make sure BIOS is configured to boot from CD / DVD.

and Why system admin or Fedora owner need to update their Fedora system regularly?do yum -y update command as show on second example below.. Hope this work for you and you can always man the yum to have lot more fun with yum....but never ever try to find Fedora Service Pack of search for Service Pack for Fedora... but the best, and make my life more easier is by using yum command to update Fedora. you may need to log in as root user or use su command to execute command on example below 1.Try execute yum update command as show on example below, see the output...