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19 Oct

Location Improvement Costs Munroe says she wanted her store to feel like a boutique, so she invested in making improvements--such as updating the bathroom with new fixtures, paint, and flooring--to make her customers feel comfortable.

She also saved money by purchasing her fixtures from a reseller.

I knew where I was going to get a return on my investment." As a guide to help other prospective entrepreneurs understand the startup costs associated with a retail shop, Munroe has been kind enough to share what she spent to open her store and why: 1.

Rent and Operating Costs Rents vary, of course, depending on where you live and how valuable a particular location is (which is why retailers should employ a tenant's agent for help).

And how much more can a really good employee sell versus an average one? I would pay another 0 if the new hire is still there after 90 days. If the referred employee is still with the company after one year, the referring employee gets a 0 bonus! They pay a developmental bonus of ,000 for managers who bring an employee up through the ranks into management."When it's your savings, it's a bit scary to take such a big risk," says Munroe, who had been putting aside money for years in anticipation of opening her own business someday."But it was a calculated risk where I wasn't going to just throw money at things and hope they worked.Use the form below to learn what STORIS can do for you.Australian grocery chain Coles is working with IBM to install radio tags on grocery items that could be read as you leave the shop, with the bill paid via smartphone from your credit card.